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Caught on camera: Woman & dog rescued from balcony at apartment fire

Video from BC Fire Trucks shot early today (Monday) at an apartment fire in Vancouver, British Columbia. Starting around 3:10 into the video you will see firefighters rescuing a woman and her dog from an apartment balcony.

Jeff Lee, The Province:

Using a ladder propped up on the outside of the four-storey building at 357 E 2nd St, and shedding his helmet so that he could calm the frightened woman, a firefighter gingerly pulled the senior over a wooden balcony and passed her to waiting colleagues one floor below.

BC Vancouver rescue at apartment fire 2 7-18-16

The rescues came as the old three-storey Thornecliffe condominium complex near St. Patrick’s Avenue and E. Second Street burst into flames. Firefighters had ash and flaming debris rain down on them as they tried to knock down the fire. It was so intense that the fire department called in a second alarm.

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