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UPDATE: NY lieutenant suspended without pay over Facebook post praising Dallas police shooter

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Jorge Fitz-Gibbon,

A city fire lieutenant has been suspended without pay and could lose his job over social media posts that expressed support for the sniper who gunned down five Dallas police officers last month.

Lt. Omar Lanier, who was promoted to the rank at a ceremony at Mount Vernon City Hall in March, was suspended Wednesday after city officials said they determined that he was the author of an Instagram post that appeared to cheer on Dallas cop killer Micah Johnson.

City officials said they were “shocked and disappointed” by Lanier’s actions.


Social Media Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome (SMACSS) is being dealt with in fire departments in Mount Vernon, New York and Omaha, Nebraska.

In Omaha, the IAFF local alerted the city to a negative post about Black Lives Matter by Battalion Chief Joe Salcedo who has served as acting chief. Curt Varone at has the details on that story.

Meanwhile, the law department in Mount Vernon is investigating the Instagram post by a fire department lieutenant that appears to support the killings of five Dallas, Texas police officers.

News 12 Westchester:

Lt. Omar Lanier allegedly called for the deaths of more police officers in a post on his Instagram page named “Live Republic.”

The post read, “Hooray for Dallas and the real gangstas who took the shots. It’s time people. Let’s keep it going. No regard for those who have no regard for us. Die for freedom.” The post has since been removed.

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas has apparently known about the post for weeks. After an inquiry by News 12, he released a blistering statement that reads, “All lives matter. I am disgusted by the deplorable comments apparently made by a city employee. While the First Amendment may protect the right to free speech, you are held to a higher standard when you put on the uniform.”

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