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Patient mishaps by EMS crews in two cities — Rio & DC

Yesterday (Saturday), a French gymnast suffered one of the most graphic leg fractures seen on TV since Joe Theismann in 1985 (it’s here if you want to see it). What is also making news about Samir Ait Said is the attempts by an EMS crew at the Rio Olympics to load the injured athlete into the ambulance. It appears, in the video above, that the stretcher collapsed a little too early, sending one of the crew stumbling forward.

Martin Rogers, USA Today:

Tragic French gymnast Samir Ait Said suffered further indignity after his devastating leg injury on Saturday – Olympics staffers dropped his stretcher as they were loading him into an ambulance.

A worldwide audience was horrified when Ait Said’s left leg snapped as he landed a vault during the men’s qualifying competition, with the lower half of his shin dangling grotesquely after the bone audibly snapped.

Meanwhile in Washington, DC last night, WTOP Radio reporter Max Smith tweeted (above) about a runaway ambulance with a patient inside at George Washington University Hospital. The ambulance belongs to AMR and was not a DC Fire & EMS Department unit. AMR has a contract with the DC government to transport low priority patients.

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