Fire marshal investigates Trump statue fire on Staten Island


An investigation was underway on Staten Island Sunday, after someone tried to burn down a 12-ft high statue dedicated to Donald Trump.

The ‘T’ for Trump has been on the Staten Island lawn since May. Homeowner Sam Pirozzolo had it custom made to show his support, but just after 1 a.m. Sunday morning, while the family was sleeping their T was up in flames.

“I jump out of bed, I come down here, and I come downstairs, and I can see this big orange glow,” Pirozzolo said.

NY Staten Island Donald Trump T burns 1

Paul Liotta,

This was not the first interaction Pirozzolo’s family had with fire while living at the location.

“Eight years ago, my house was burned down due to a fire. My wife and I were at work and  there was an electrical shortage,” he said. It was a 95 percent loss, so we are very sensitive to fire issues.”

He said a new sign will be erected to replace the destroyed one.

“We will be erecting a new ‘pro-first amendment right-to-back-the-candidate-of- our-choice’ statue. … (The new sign) is going to be huge, huge,” Pirozzolo said. “On Tuesday we are going to have a press conference and maybe have a Staten Island militia stand guard so we are safe while we do this.”

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