Fire Marshal’s emails shed light on both Trump elevator rescue & complaints at Colorado rally

After Donald Trump questioned the integrity and ethics of Colorado Springs Fire Department Fire Marshal Brett Lacey many reporters started digging trying to find the truth behind Trump’s claims of political involvement. No evidence supported any of the claims against Lacey, including that he was a Democrat working for Hillary Clinton (Lacey has been a registered Republican since 1993).

But reporter Marshall Zellinger of KMGH-TV in Denver went further than most. Zellinger requested and received 214 pages of emails between the Colorado Springs Fire Department, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs and the Trump campaign over the July 29 visit.

What is interesting about the emails Zellinger highlighted is that they are very instructional for any fire marshals and fire departments who will be dealing with visits by the candidates in the coming months.

The first email is from Fire Marshal Lacey to a friend who wrote him about making news over the Trump visit. It shed new light on the elevator rescue of Trump and his US Secret Service details prior to the speech:

Thanks for the support… it was funny. You have likely heard more about the elevator fiasco. Turns out someone (Secret Service or his entourage) had an elevator bypass key.. they (one of them) turned it off between floors and didn’t know how to get it back on.. our folks went and fished them out… elevator guys get there and say what the crap? Who turned this off? Turned it back on and voila.

As for the issue of occupancy brought up by Trump, the emails provide new insight into how the fire marshals dealt with the problem.

The first is between the deputy fire marshal and UCCS:

  1. The occupant load in the Events Center will be limited to a maximum of 1,500 event spectators. There will be 450 spectators for the west bleachers, 750 spectators for the east bleachers, and 300 spectators standing on the Events Center floor.

  2. There will be overflow, standing room only, allowed for a maximum of 1,000 spectators in Berger Hall.

According to Zellinger, the email that Fire Marshal Lacey wrote to his friend also details the struggle between the FMs, the Trump campaign and USSS over the occupancy issue.

We had worked with UCCS of which we have a great relationship with and their security.. (University Cops)…. And our PD… and worked out the event loading on Thursday. All was well.. until they wanted more people… Secret Service were butts too… wanted me to let more people in because he (Trump) was threatening to leave the room.. and they hadn’t secured the other location. I communicated to them that my problem was the public.. theirs was their candidate… their detail is their problem.. not mine. So… we held to the limit (I did grant permission to go 10% over based on administrative controls and moving some barriers), but they did not exercise that … he just launched on his speech and that was that.

PD, Fire and Campus Police as well as campus administration held to agreement. Word is they dispersed 10K on-line tickets for a 2500 load event. Again, not my problem.

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