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DC firefighter who called for violence against racist cops is back on full duty

DC Norman Brooks 1 7-6-16

Watch latest report from WTTG-TV/FOX5

Previously: DC firefighter calls for bullets in the heads of ‘racist cops who are murdering our people’

DC firefighter who called for violence against ‘racist cops’ tells his story

DC Fire and EMS Department Firefighter Norman Brooks is back on full duty. That’s the word this (Tuesday) morning from WTTG-TV/FOX5 reporter Paul Wagner who has confirmed a tweet Friday by DC Public Safety.

Norman Brooks is the firefighter who was initially placed on administrative leave July 6 after a Facebook rant against “racist cops who are murdering our people.” The posts were in reaction to the shooting of a man by Baton Rouge police officers (see text of posts at bottom of this page).

Brooks has been on the department since 2007 and is assigned to Engine 23 in Foggy Bottom. He was off-duty when he made the post. The comments encouraged people to “target racist cops” and said “those pigs in Baton Rouge deserve nothing short of a bullet in their heads.” The posts came 11 days before the murders of three Baton Rouge police officers.

While DC Fire and EMS Department officials have confirmed for reporter Wagner that Brooks is back to full duty, they are, so far, not offering additional comment.

This is quite disappointing. The decision to put Norman Brooks back to full duty is something that should be explained clearly by those in charge. It should not have been reported first by DC Public Safety on Twitter. This should have come directly from the DC Fire & EMS Department with details on why this decision was made and its impact on the department’s social media and other policies.

Some will hate this decision. Some will like it. But hiding from controversy will not make things better.

Here is a transcript of the two comments posted on the Facebook page of Norman Brooks that lead to the investigation (both comments have since been deleted):

Bottom line:

These racist ass cops who are murdering our people need to start turning up the same way… they shouldn’t feel safe walking the streets and neither should their supporters.  Protesting is a lost cause and it makes us all look like a bunch a pussies. These evil mfs don’t have any compassion. They are gonna let them PIGS go free and probably start a gofundme and make em millionaires…….

It’s time to stop praying, stop protesting, start buying guns, and start protecting ourselves from those crooked ass racist cops. If you are a cop and not in support of these people then its about time to start turning these type a mfs in or at least givin out some addresses so we the people can handle em.

End of rant (Please share)

The answer is “yes”…I’m saying the citizens should take the law in their own hands and target racist cops. Those pigs in baton Rouge  deserve nothing short of a bullet in their heads. See how their families feel after that.

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