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Bachelor party with ‘sex doll’ at Manhattan 9/11 Memorial on 9/9

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Tom Boggioni, Raw Story:

On the eve on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 attack, police in New York city had to step in on Friday when a group of men took stag party selfies with a sex doll at the Ground Zero Memorial.

According to the Daily Mail, the unidentified men were British, with one source saying three of them work for a Wall Street bank.

In photos taken at the scene, one man carried the inflatable sex toy while his friends posed for photos in front of one the memorials waterfalls until police officers stepped in and asked them to leave the area.

Asked what they were doing, one man believed to be the groom, said “it’s just a bachelor party,” but then answered “no comment’ when pressed for more information.

Lewis Panther, Mirror:

Rosanne Hughes, who lost husband Thomas, 46, when two hijacked passenger jets smashed into the Twin Towers in 2001, told of her anger.

The 61-year-old of the New Jersey 9/11 Memorial Foundation said: “I’m speechless. I don’t even have any words for that. That’s a disgrace.

“That is sacred ground, I lost my husband and I don’t even know what to say. It’s disgusting.

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