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Charleston 9 Memorial trashed by drunk driver

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Police say a man lost control of his truck near the Charleston 9 Memorial and drove through the park late Thursday night.

The result, according to an incident report, is at least $26,000 in damages.

Daniel James Doherty

Officers responded to the area of Savannah Highway and Wappoo Road just prior to 11 p.m. and found a beige Ford F150 disabled behind the memorial. There were tire tracks leading around the park to a hole in the fence along Savannah Highway. The grass was damaged, the report stated. There was also damage to stone benches and shrubs.

Police say the driver of the truck was 38-year-old Daniel James Doherty of Piper Drive in Charleston. Doherty told officers he was leaving a friends house and had 4-5 drinks, the report states. Of those drinks, according to the report, Doherty said three were liquor drinks. When asked to rate himself on a 1-10 scale of one being sober and 10 being very drunk, Doherty reportedly told officers he was a four out of 10.


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