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Newspaper columnist blasts 48/96 schedules — calls firefighter’s job ‘cushy’


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In Palo Alto, California, a move to put firefighters on a 48/96 schedule has one newspaper editor turned columnist blasting the idea. Diana Diamond, of The Mercury News, has previously been critical of how easy firefighters have it — good pay and benefits, overtime, plenty of vacation and, of course, sleeping on the job.

Now Diamond uses the word “cushy” to describe what firefighters do and especially the new work schedule. I encourage you to read the entire column but here’s the conclusion:

I can’t rationalize a 48-96; to me it’s ludicrous. But city councils seem to be blessing  it. Work 10 days a month and get 20 days off.  Spend on-the-job time buying groceries, sleeping in the station most nights, polishing up the fire engines, exercising, playing cards, and getting handsomely paid for all this.

Like I said, I want to be a firefighter.

Read entire column

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