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Police radio traffic from Minnesota mall stabbings

Listen to police radio traffic

(Thanks to Jeff Piotrowski for sending this to STATter911.)

Paul Walsh, Beatrice Dupuy & Stephen Montemayor, Star Tribune:

The prime shopping center for St. Cloud is shut down until Monday and is being treated as a crime scene in the wake of a man, suspected of being motivated by global terror, stabbing several people late Saturday before an off-duty police officer fatally shot the attacker.

In a media briefing after midnight Sunday, Police Chief William Blair Anderson said the off-duty officer from another jurisdiction confronted and killed the suspect inside Crossroads Center. He said the man — dressed in a private security uniform — reportedly asked at least one victim whether they were Muslim before assaulting them, and referred to Allah during the attacks.

“We are currently investigating this as a potential act of terrorism,” said the FBI’s Richard Thornton, speaking at a news conference at Police Department headquarters early Sunday afternoon. Thornton did not link the attack to a specific terror group.

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