Urine soaked gear & taunting messages at Ohio firehouse after changes in service



A fire station in Northfield was heavily damaged when vandals broke into the building, saturating the place with urine.

Investigators also said the person or people responsible left behind sticky notes with profanities written on them.

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, the building at 60 West Aurora Road was broken into over the weekend. There was no sign of forced entry and the locks had recently been changed.


On Monday, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to the building for a burglary.

They determined that someone broke into the building over the weekend and caused several thousand dollars in damage to the building and to equipment that was being stored inside.

The sheriff’s office said the suspects wrote profanity on equipment and other items; they also saturated beds, carpeting, and 14 pieces of turn-out gear with urine.

Nick Glunt, Ohio.com:

The incident is thought to be an act of retaliation. Some of the messages mentioned Macedonia Fire Chief Tim Black and his employees by name.

Last week, Macedonia Fire Department took over fire and paramedic services for Northfield Center Township, which formerly had a merged fire district with Sagamore Hills Township. Macedonia hired some of the 25 displaced staff with an agreement to consider others as positions opened up.

When a firefighter went to the premises Monday, though, he discovered the damage when he grabbed a turnout coat and felt moisture.

Vandals coated beds, carpets and 14 suits of turnout gear. It’s estimated that the vandals caused thousands of dollars in damage. Other items are thought to be missing from the premises.

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