Early video & radio traffic from 2-alarm Stockton, CA house fire

Multiple views and radio traffic from StocktonFireHistory taken at a 2-alarm Stockton, California house fire.

Here’s part of the description with the video:

Firefighters frequently have to overcome many problems at once- so much so that it might appear as ‘organized chaos’ to the passerby. In the span of a few minutes after arriving on scene in this video- crews must deal with an aggressive interior attack, multiple exposures catching fire, power lines down, establishing a water supply, etc. Fortunately, Stockton Firefighters continuously exhibit a tenacity unlike few others- and work together to put the fire out.

On September 19th, 2016, Stockton Firefighters responded to multiple reports of a structure fire on Del Rio. Firefighters encountered a fire in a single-story, single-family building; auto-exposing to a neighboring structure on each of it’s three sides. Crews work diligently to search for life, protect each exposure, extinguish the fire, and overhaul the fire building. Crews encountered live powerlines down in the back yard. Finally, firefighters ensured the fire was out by extinguishing the last of an attic fire in the main building.

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