Unarmed volunteer firefighter captures school shooter in SC


Authorities say it was a volunteer firefighter that took down a teen who was shooting at a South Carolina elementary school on Wednesday

The firefighter was not armed, but is said have 33 years of service.

Authorities say the 14-year-old shooter was shooting on the playground behind Townville Elementary School. It was revealed that a handgun was used.

Two six-year-old students were shot – one in the leg and another in the foot. A female teacher was shot in the shoulder.

The Greenville News:

Veteran Townville volunteer firefighter Jamie Brock subdued the teen outside the school and held him until armed police officers could arrive on the scene, officials said.

The initial call came from a teacher at the school reporting that an armed male was on the school grounds and a student had been shot, said Taylor Jones, Anderson County emergency services director, during a news conference on Wednesday evening.

The gunman armed with a handgun never entered the school and the incident happened on the playground, said Keith Smith deputy chief with Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. Another news conference is scheduled for 9 p.m.

The suspect was apprehended within minutes, said Anderson District 4 Superintendent Joanne Avery.


The suspected gunman in a South Carolina elementary school shooting never entered the school, Anderson County Deputy Chief Keith Smith told reporters. An unarmed volunteer firefighter took the suspect down and held him until deputies showed up, said Taylor Jones, Anderson County Emergency Services’ deputy director. The incident occurred at the school’s playground, officials said.

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