Donald Trump says he knows ‘fire & fire marshals’ as he returns to familiar theme

Previous coverage of Donald Trump & the nation’s fire marshals

Donald Trump returned to a familiar theme today (Monday) as he focused on the fire marshal today at a rally in Ambridge, Pennsylvania (Beaver County). In an effort to allow more people inside Ambridge Senior High School, the Republican presidential candidate cited his own knowledge about fire as he pointed out the potential for fire really wasn’t an issue:

I always get a kick when — I mean I  know a lot about fire and fire marshals, but you have a room with four walls and a roof and nothing to burn. Let the people in.

In late July and early August Trump claimed there were political motives by fire marshals in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Columbus, Ohio to limit the number of people attending his events.

News articles documented 10 times between July 2015 and August 2016 where Trump made the fire marshal an issue. Since the controversy, Trump has, at times, mentioned that a fire marshal would not let more people into his events.

This appears to be the first time Trump made a claim about his own knowledge of fire safety as it relates to the overcrowding of public assembly type buildings.

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