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FDNY 6th alarm radio traffic: Rope rescue, many urgents & orders to ‘get out’

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NYRRT with radio traffic from the 6-alarm fire this morning in Manhattan at 324 East 93rd Street where one person died and 16 were injured. One burned man was rescued by rope during rappelling operation by Rescue 1 and other companies (details here).


One man was killed and 16 people were hurt, one of them with life-threatening injuries, in a fire that overtook three Upper East Side apartment buildings and sent flames shooting 20 feet into the air on Thursday morning, officials said.

Firefighters got the blaze under control shortly before 8 a.m. — nearly six hours after it started. Residents said they were awoken by people shouting “fire” in the street and others who were pounding on doors.

The blaze broke out around 3:30 a.m. and quickly overtook the upper part of the 93rd Street building. It eventually spread to the two adjoining buildings. 

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