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Firefighters in trouble for handing out Halloween candy


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In Brook Park, Ohio, a shift of firefighters is under investigation and their lieutenant is suspended with pay because they took the apparatus on the street to hand out candy on Halloween. The town’s mayor told WJW-TV that the firefighters should have handed out candy at the firehouse or asked permission to do this with unused apparatus on their own time.

Ed Gallek, WJW-TV:


When we told parents, they were left shaking their heads. Amanda Porch said, “And they were just coming down and they were stopping at every two or three houses passing out candy. And then they just went on. I thought it was nice.”

We asked the Brook Park Mayor what could be the problem with passing out Halloween candy. Tom Coyne said, “Well, the problem is they took two-thirds of our firefighting equipment and went out trick or treating.” He added, “I can think of no compelling reason that an officer in charge of a shift would take our emergency folks out, whose job is to protect this town, on a trick or treating expedition.”

The firefighters took out a truck, another fire vehicle, and an ambulance when they went to pass out candy. They argue they were still ready to respond to calls. In fact, they even did respond to a call with an ambulance during trick or treating.

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