Caught on camera: CPR, mouth-to-snout, save dog after fire



The action took place in Pitesti on Friday afternoon after a fire broke in an apartment. The man who lived in the apartment got smoke poisoning and was taken to the hospital in a coma. After getting the man out, the firefighters also found his dog, who had also been intoxicated with smoke.

One of the firefighters started performing CPR to the dog as the animal had troubles breathing. After chest compressions, the man even did mouth to mouth to the dog before a colleague brought him an oxygen mask.

Maria Gallucci, Mashable:

That’s when Costache Mugurel stepped in. The local firefighter gave the dog multiple chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before slipping an oxygen mask over the dog’s snout.

“Nobody gets left behind,” Mugurel wrote in Romanian on his personal Facebook page.

The dog eventually began breathing again and was taken to a veterinary clinic. Tudor later shared Facebook a video of the dog lounging in a cage.

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