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Must see video: Comcast’s snow blindness is a good safety lesson

A very interesting video from Indianapolis Tuesday that seems to show two Comcast workers following the rules as they know them but failing to see or react to the big picture.

With vehicles going off the road and striking each other on a slick stretch just past a blind ridge, the Comcast workers indicated the four orange cones they set up behind their vehicle is all they needed to do. The video shows they kept working and the damaged vehicles kept piling up.

Neighbors point out that the road is a constant safety hazard because of the ridge and that people drive too fast. They were upset the Comcast workers failed to take into account the reality of the road conditions.

Read more here. Statement from Comcast and news story are below:

By Ed Marchetti, SVP, Technical Operations

When I watched this video I was very concerned by what I saw. Our employees should always protect people and treat them with respect no matter what the situation. Safety matters most – especially in dangerous weather conditions like this.

We are actively investigating what happened when our technicians were on site to restore services during an outage and we will reach out to those who were impacted by this incident.

Within the next 24-48 hours, my team leaders will meet with our technicians across our company to use this as an example of how important it is to make everyone’s safety a priority in everything we do.

And just as important, there’s no place for disrespect – treating people the right way is the only way to work.

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