Texas ambulance hijacked Christmas Day with patient & crew on board

Bailey Buckingham, KXAN-TV:

An Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services ambulance was hijacked Sunday afternoon at approximately 4 p.m. with a medic crew and patient inside.

According to an ATCEMS spokesperson, the medic crew was on scene for a different call at 500 E. 7th St. when an individual hijacked the ambulance while the medic team was tending to a patient. The medic crew was able to provide location and situational details and updates to law enforcement during the incident.

The hijacker pulled off the road, stopped the vehicle and fled on foot from that location.


Police in Austin continue to search for the person who hijacked an Austin-Travis County EMS ambulance with the medial crew and a patient inside on Christmas Day.

The incident marked the second time in a month that an ambulance has been taken. Earlier this month, Austin Police said David Oliver, III, stole an ambulance from UMC-Breckenridge. Oliver then allegedly drove the ambulance north on Highway 183 to Killeen with multiple law enforcement agencies chasing him.

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