Florida fire captain’s retirement video gets attention

50 yo firefighter. "Lights the Deadlift World on Fire" After 30 amazing years I retire this week so this will be my last deadlift and most likely my last fire as a firefighter so I thought it a fitting tribute to make some noise and "Light the Deadlift World on fire" 600 lbs of burning steel. It was MUCH harder with over 80 lbs of gear most of which was pushing down on my back. I also did not anticipate how much extra drag the thick puffy pants and pockets would cause. Unlike most fires I do not wish to extinguish this one. Help it grow into a raging inferno by liking, sharing and reposting. Captain Kranski is clocking out. Still the strongest deadlifting firefighter Florida has ever seen. Follow me as I will now focus on my lifting full time in pursuit of the over 50 World Record. @deadlifttillimdead @pwrlft_community @mansports @powerliftingmotivation @pwrlft #deadlift #power #powerlifting #strongman #bodybuilding #crossfit #olympia #uspa #weightlifting #alphamale #fitness #gymlife #gainz #flex #train #muscle #fire #firefighter #fitover40 #fitover50 #motivation #inspiration #liftangry #justbringit #identifireusa

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This is not the sort of video we generally see from a firefighter’s final hours on the job.

The firefighter is Palm Beach County, Florida Captain Ed Kranski who retired last month. The video is now getting worldwide attention.

Kranski writes in the Instagram post that he will now focus on his lifting full time in an effort to break the over 50 world record.

Here’s more about Captain Kranski in an article from 2014.