Raw video: Citing safety of firefighters chief lets Michigan home burn

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Bob Brenzing & Brody Carter, WXMI-TV:

Three people and two dogs were able to escape a house fire early Thursday morning, but the home, built in 1900, burned to the ground.

The first report of the fire came in shortly after 5:00 a.m. at 2910 18th Street, between 130th and 128th Avenues.

Firefighters determined early that there was no saving the home and let the fire run its course.  Assistant Fire Chief Bobby Kerber says they don’t like to let a home burn, but for the safety of the firefighters, they felt forced to.


Watch: Hopkins Area Fire Department Assistant Chief Bobby Kerber explains decision to let home burn

Earlier from WXMI-TV:

The fire is believed to have started at a lean-to built on the back of the second floor of the house, said Hopkins Area Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Bobby Kerber. But the fire was too hard to handle.

“It’s one of those things departments don’t like to have when you have to call it,” said Kerber, “but this one was beyond our reach, and we had to go ahead and make a stop.”

The house was allowed to burn to the ground.

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