Some FDNY EMS social media stupidity in the news

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One of the things I’ve talked about for the last six or seven years is that firefighters, EMTs and paramedics get in trouble now for many of the same things that they have for decades, but one of the big differences today is that they post their own screw-ups on social media. This video is a good example of that and is also our latest SMACSS (Social Media Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome) alert.

Everyone in fire and EMS has worked with a partner who at some point acts goofy. This one involves two EMTs working for FDNY. It shows what happens when you share that silliness with the general public via social media. In this case the video, shared on Instagram, makes the pages of the New York Post website.

Dean Balsamini & Susan Edelman, New York Post:

The 25-second clip shows medic Eric Stone bopping and singing to the rock band Bowling For Soup’s song “1985,” as his partner, Sebastian Vazquez, shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head in mock disgust.

“My partner for the evening is a ­f–king lunatic,” Vazquez, 21, a Fire Department EMT and “aspiring photographer” posted to Instagram under the handle thatdorkyemt.

As the ambulance barrels down the street, windshield wipers moving on an apparently rainy night, Stone, 22, takes his eyes off the road — and his hands off the steering wheel, the footage shows.

He then makes a “milking the cow” motion with his arms, while bouncing in his seat and mugging for the camera.

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