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Must see: Police chief says new video helps show neither cop or medic at fault in confrontation

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More video from Ohio confrontation between cop & ambulance crew member

The Portsmouth, Ohio police chief and a captain from Life Medical Response say the confrontation caught on video after a bar fight early Sunday morning was more of a misunderstanding and that neither the police officer or paramedic seen on at least three videos is at fault. These conclusions came today (Thursday) from Portsmouth Police Department Chief Robert Ware and Life Medical Response Captain John Jenkins.

The new video, above, is from the body-cam of a Shawnee State University security officer. The operative part begins at around 4:30. The confrontation appears to begin when the unidentified paramedic puts his hand on the shoulder of Sergeant Joel Robinson as they both deal with a combative patient. Chief Ware and Captain Jenkins say there was confusion over a taser and how it was to be deployed.

It also appears that just before the confrontation the medic and a firefighter exchange some words (about 4:15 on the video).

Below is the significant part of the latest article, but I encourage you to read the entire story.

Frank Lewis, Portsmouth Daily Times:

According to Ware and Jenkins, because of all the noise from the bystanders, the paramedic did not hear Jenkins request the taser, and objecting to that action, put his hands on Robinson.

Robinson, who knew the crowd was closing in on him, did not know who touched him and responded by hooking his arm and pushing him back. Robinson eventually guided the paramedic across the street and, according to Ware, pushed the paramedic’s clavicle. It was that action that appeared on the short video to be grabbing of the throat, but that does not appear in the full video.

Jenkins agreed with Ware that neither of the two individuals did anything wrong. It was just that they each had a different amount of information.

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