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Must see: Woman in stolen firefighter gear scams & robs NJ store

Police say a woman dressed in firefighter gear, who scammed and robbed a store, had twice broken into a Jersey City, New Jersey firehouse. There are two videos of the woman dressed as a firefighter. The one above, shows her inside the store. The video below, taken by someone on the street, shows the woman before she went into the bodega on Kennedy Boulevard.

Terrence T. McDonald, The Jersey Journal:

Someone dressed in firefighter gear enters and you can hear that person say “gas leak” several times. The audio is muffled.

Cops allege the person wearing the firefighter gear is Sabrina Carter, a 48-year-old woman they say stole the gear out of a firetruck parked outside the Ocean Avenue firehouse yesterday morning. They say she then went to the bodega, cleared it out by claiming she was investigating a gas leak and stole stole lottery tickets she later discarded after police began to chase her.

The same firehouse where Carter is suspected to have stolen the firefighter gear was burglarized last week while firefighters were out responding to a two-alarm blaze.

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