Emergency warning: Do not poop or pee at Super Bowl half-time in Fraser, Michigan

MI Fraser Sinkhole Super Bowl 2

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Well, if you have to poop or pee at half-time during Sunday’s Super Bowl and you live in or near Fraser, Michigan, just don’t flush. Your bathroom break could make a big sinkhole even bigger and we could all end up in China (actually I think it is closer to Australia). We are all counting on you.


A giant sinkhole in suburban Detroit is being threatened by the Super Bowl.

Macomb County public works chief Candice Miller is worried that thousands of football fans will flush toilets at halftime Sunday night. She tells radio station WWJ that it could overwhelm a broken sewer line blamed for the sinkhole.

Miller says her bathroom advice “sounds crazy.” But she fears trouble unless people are willing to hold it — or at least not immediately flush.

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