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Early videos: Two ambulances burn in snowstorms on opposite sides of the country

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Yesterday (Thursday) there were two ambulance fires during snowstorms on opposite sides of the country. The video above is the scene from Island Park on Long Island. The fire was in a Nassau County Police Department ambulance.

Scott Brinton & Ben Strack,

According to Island Park Fire Department Chief Jim Sarro, a Nassau County Police Department ambulance — on stand-by in case of any emergencies during the storm — caught on fire in the department’s parking lot. Island Park firefighters quickly extinguished the fire. The driver was not in the ambulance when it caught ablaze, and nobody was injured, Sarro said. The Nassau Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating the cause of the fire.

The other ambulance fire, below, occurred on I-90 in Spokane, Washington around 5:00 a.m. . In that incident an AMR ambulance crashed and burned.


The driver of the ambulance lost control on the ice and struck a pillar, prompting the fire. 

Two paramedics were in the ambulance at the time, but were not injured. One did go to the hospital as a precaution. They were not responding to a call at the time. 

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