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Early video & radio traffic from Stockton, CA house fire

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Here’s the latest offering from StocktonFireHistory:

On January 27, 2017, Stockton Firefighters responded to a working structure fire in the 1100 block of East Washington. The single-story Victorian home with full basement is indicative of the neighborhood. Though boarded up, squatters frequent these houses and basements. Even though it appears ‘fully involved,’ crews committed to extinguish the first floor fire in order to save possible life in the basement.

Fire crews on scene pulled multiple hoselines in order to attack the fire through the front door. An unconventional remodeled layout, and heavy fire conditions hindered the first-in hoselines ability to immediately extinguish the front rooms of the house. A change in strategy and tactics required 2 1/2 inch hoselines deployed and flowed from the exterior. Basic strategy and tactics indicates that opposing hoselines should not be flowed toward each other. (ie:) The line in the back could not flow into the house until the firefighters in the front had backed out. Crews carefully coordinated the attack.

Firefighters were able to safely manage the fire. No victims were found in the structure, and crews worked carefully to avoid injury. The Stockton Fire Department consists of 12 Engines, 3 Trucks, 2 Battalion Chiefs, and 1 Operator. These 51 firefighters protect more than 300,000 people, and respond to more than 42,000 calls a year- including an average of one working structure fire a day. We are proud to serve and protect the citizens and City of Stockton, California.

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