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A frequent flyer record? 7 ambulance trips in 26 hours — a case of OIFFS

FL Pinellas County frequent flyer 2

This appears to be a classic case of OIFFS — Opioid Induced Frequent Flyer Syndrome. Is this doctor/hospital shopping via 9/11 and ambulance a common occurrence for opioid addicts? Is seven trips in 26-hours a record?

The Smoking Gun:

In a frenzied doctor shopping spree, a Florida woman was transported by ambulance to seven different hospitals in a 26-hour period in a bid to obtain prescription pain medication, according to police who arrested her for misuse of the 911 system.

Investigators charge that Kimberly Keener, 40, repeatedly called 911 for transport to hospitals in Pinellas County. Beginning early Thursday morning, Keener, a Bradenton resident, was brought to seven separate hospitals by Sunstar Paramedics, which provides ambulance services in Pinellas County.

Keener sought to “obtain fraudulent prescription pain medication,” according to an arrest affidavit.

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FL Pinellas County frequent flyer

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