Pre & post arrival videos from deadly Riverside, CA plane crash into homes

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A number of a pre-arrival and arrival videos on this page from yesterday’s (Monday) deadly plane crash in Riverside, California.

The video immediately below shows the plane’s final moments before impact.


A small plane crashed into two homes, leaving one a gutted shell, shortly after departing the Riverside airport late Monday afternoon in an incident a witness a mile away said felt like an earthquake.

Police began receiving phone calls about 4:41 p.m. regarding a plane crashing near a residential area at Central and Streeter avenues, Riverside Police Department Lt. Charles Payne said.

At least three victims have died, including one resident, and two people were transported to nearby hospitals with serious injuries, according to Riverside Fire Chief Michael Moore. There another three to five residents unaccounted for for whom rescue crews were still searching, he added.

Click here if the video above fails to play properly

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