Firefighter turns hose on man threatening crew at Oklahoma RV fire

OK Turley man arrested at fire 2

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A man had been arrested on charges of assaulting a Turley, Oklahoma firefighter at an incident Wednesday. The firefighter turned the hose on his attacker, identified as 48-year-old Michael Fisher.


“While we were stretching hose into fight the fire a black car pulled up, a guy jumps out, starts acting really erratic,” said Turley Fire Captain David Morgan.

“He was going to kick our expletive,” said Morgan.

OK Turley man arrested at fire
Michael Fisher from KOTV-TV

“He ended up with us where we were fighting the fire at and started threatening our firefighters and making aggressive moves towards them,” he recalled.

Morgan said when Fisher started walking towards a firefighter on the hose line, he turned the hose on Fisher to push him away.

“I don’t even know if I got him very well because I didn’t have it on a straight stream,” he stated. “If I had it on a straight stream, he probably would’ve went rolling.”

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