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Police union official apologizes for saying fire department has slower response than cops ‘in the ghetto’

MO St. Louis Gendarme 2

So what is Jeff Roorda, the St. Louis Police Officers Association Business manager saying here:

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Is he saying things he shouldn’t say about firefighters response times or just pointing out that police often get to the scene first?

It’s pretty clear how the fire chief is taking it.

Ashley Lisenby, St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

The St. Louis Fire Department posted a scathing response to Roorda’s opinion piece on Facebook on Monday.

“It is unfortunate that an individual such as Mr. Roorda, who is paid to represent an organization comprised of brave professional police, is continually allowed to voice and put into print his uneducated, uninformed and disparate comments without accountability or corrective action,” said Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson in a statement.

He continued, “His baseless comments are an insult to every professional first responder, including firefighters and EMS, in our city.”

Jenkerson said firefighters respond to “incidents across the city in under four minutes,” directly addressing Roorda’s claims about slow response times.

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Jeff Roorda

Jeff Roorda apology:

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