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Pre-arrival video shows citizens helping at fatal Army UH-60 Black Hawk crash

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Previous coverage of UH-60 crash

Pre-arrival video from Nick Jaffurs shows citizens helping at least one of the surviving crew members from today’s (Monday) U.S. Army UH-60 Black Hawk crash in Southern Maryland. reports one on board the helicopter was killed and two others were flown by medical helicopter from the scene.

The incident was reported at 1:22 p.m. at the Breton Bay Golf Course in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Jaffurs uploaded his video to Twitter about 30-minutes after the crash. Other close-up images were posted on social media platforms prior to Jaffurs widely circulated video.

A little more distant than some of the close-up shots, Brittany McGlynn Speakman was broadcasting live (above) from the scene via Facebook at 1:27 p.m.

Two-weeks-ago there was controversy over a military police sergeant request that PGFD Chief Spokesman Mark Brady delete his pictures and tweets from an F-16 crash in Clinton, Maryland. A number of people commenting on STATter911 defended the military’s “right” to take such action.

MD Leonardtown chopper crash 2

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A week after the F-16 crash the commander at Joint Base Andrews confirmed the sergeant’s actions were a mistake and should not have occurred. There has been no indication of a similar attempt at the scene in St. Mary’s County.

Today’s tragic crash highlights the futility of attempting to censor pictures and video in the digital age. Even if authorities seize cameras and smart phones — with all the potential legal implication that would come from such actions — it’s likely the images will already be shared around the world on social media or, at the very least, saved on the cloud.

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