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News report: Detroit firefighters wreck rig while joy-riding & try to cover it up

MI Detroit firefighters wreck rig coverup

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This story makes very little sense. As busy as Detroit firefighters are why would two of them want to go out joyriding? That’s what this news story says occurred, followed by an attempt to cover up wrecking the rig during the joyride.

Can someone please explain this? Were the two who prompted this outing on-duty or off-duty? Were alcohol, drugs or sex (trying to impress someone) involved that possibly fueled such an adventure?

What am I missing?

Taryn Asher, WJBK-TV:

Sources say on March 30, two Detroit firefighters who work out of Engine 55 on Joy Road wanted to go out for a bit of a joy ride. They tried to convince the driver of the rig to get behind the wheel, but when he refused, a firefighter who had only been on the job a few years, decided to drive.

Where they went is unknown but we’re told somewhere along the way he lost control of the expensive fire truck and slammed into the wall of the median near Southfield and I-96.

They rushed back to the fire house, eventually getting the driver they tried to originally convince to come along, to cover for them, getting that firefighter to take a urine test to screen for drugs and alcohol.

Detroit police responded, but the firefighters claimed someone sideswiped the fire rig. Although they initially lied to police and superiors, their stories didn’t line up. Eventually they confessed to causing more than $75,000 worth of damage to the vehicle.

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