Two-alarm fire at Fairfax County fire station

(Despite what the tweet above says I have been told these photos were not taken by Billy Campbell.)

Not a lot of information yet but there was a two-alarm fire early this (Sunday) morning at Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department Station 426. Listed as the Edsall Road Station the firehouse is located at 5316 Carolina Place.

My recollection is this is the most significant fire at a Fairfax County fire station since January of 1997 when a fire in a heavy duty rescue damaged the Burke firehouse (414). The early information from the Facebook page Fairfax County FD Incidents indicates this was a similar incident involving Rescue 426.

(Thanks to Ron Young for the alert on this.)

VA Fairfax Country 426 burn 3s


An alarm around 12:45 a.m. alerted crews that one of their vehicles, rescue squad #426, inside the station was on fire. The fire spread to the roof of the station, and a second alarm was called for additional crews.

It took about 45 minutes to get the fire under control. There were no injuries and no impact for service in the community.