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Caught on camera: Texting is Fire & EMS job security

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Our inability to put down smart phones has brought about serious issues with distracted driving. In addition to probably increasing the work load for fire, EMS and police, people using their phones have also made handling emergencies along a highway or other road more dangerous.

This video from Plainfield, New Jersey on Thursday reminds us distracted walking is also a serious problem.


Reader George Wendt adds this information.

Jessica Remo,

The 67-year-old woman who tripped over open sidewalk doors and fell six feet into the space beneath them yesterday is legally blind, the woman’s son told CBS2.

Surveillance video showed the woman appeared to have been distracted by her cell phone when she tripped on the open doors, but her son told CBS2 that his mother is legally blind and diabetic.



A woman was injured in New Jersey Thursday afternoon when she fell 6 feet through a sidewalk access door while distracted by her cell phone.

The incident happened just after noon in front of Acme Windows on Somerset Street in Plainfield.

Authorities say the 67-year-old woman appeared to be texting when she fell through the open bilco doors.

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