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District fire chief grabs bridge jumper in Minnesota

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The man in the white shirt in the video above is St. Paul (MN) Fire Department District Chief Conrad Ertz. He was joined on the Robert Street bridge above the Mississippi River by two St. Paul Police Department officers.

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Two police officers are out of frame in the video. Ertz said both had tried to talk with the woman and bring her to the other side of the railing.

Ertz slowly approaches the woman, then quickly grabs her, holding on tight as the two officers rush to secure her on the sidewalk.

“As I approached I was making contact with the officers, talking with them, not verbally, just with hand signals and saying, ‘I’m here, I think we should do this.’ As I got closer, I was able to see that this was starting to deteriorate further and as I got right up alongside her, I signaled we’re doing this and they reacted just like I did. They grabbed onto me and we grabbed onto her and we pulled her over to safety,” Ertz said.

“You could feel the emotions out of both officers talking with her, saying that she had something to live for,” he said. “What was going through my mind is, I just wanted this to end in a positive light so that this individual had a chance, another chance, and I did not want to have this end like I’ve seen before.”

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Click here if the video above doesn’t play properly

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