Video: Stolen Illinois fire engine driven into bank of Mississippi River


Around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, August 22nd, emergency crews responded to reports of a fire truck that had crashed into the river bank.

Upon arrival, it was discovered that a man stole an East Moline fire truck, crashed it into the bank of the Mississippi River, and then jumped into the river “and tried to elude officers,” said East Moline Police Captain Tom Reagan.

Members of the East Moline Fire Department were inside a building on 15th Avenue conducting inspections when the truck was stolen, Reagan said.

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Anthony Watt,

The truck went off the road at that intersection and down the embankment toward the river, but did not get submerged in the water, Capt. Reagan said. The man then jumped into the river and tried to escape police.

With the help of fire department rescue boats, police captured the man nearby, Capt. Reagan said.

East Moline Fire Chief Rob DeFrance, who was at the scene, said the truck would have to be inspected. The truck was valued about $375,000 when new.

“We’ll have to see how extensive this is,” he said.

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