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Close call: Texas Firefighters catch fire at deadly crash involving three trucks

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Over the last two days the firefighters in these videos are working non-stop handling the flooding that has devastated the Houston area thanks to Harvey (There are links to live radio traffic & TV coverage from the Houston flooding here). But this was the scene last Wednesday on I-10 in Harris County when three trucks crashed and burned killing one of the drivers.

The image below of three firefighters on fire has been making the rounds on social media. There is no mention in any of the news coverage I’ve seen that firefighters were injured during the incident.

There is traffic-camera video of much of the incident. In the video at the top of this post, I’ve isolated what MAY be the moment the firefighters catch fire. There is a flare up of the burning fuel and three or four firefighters are seen hustling out of the way. It then appears that a hose is trained in the direction of those firefighters. The entire video is below. The portion I isolated occurs at about 13:39:37.

News coverage of the crash is here & here.

CLick here if the video above fails to play.

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