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Despite judge’s felony sex bribe conviction he still gets to be a volunteer firefighter

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Despite being convicted of a felony involving taking a sexual bribe in his role as a West Carthage, New York justice, Delmar R. House will remain a member of the village fire department where he was once chief. In May, House was sentenced to four months in jail and is on probation for five years.

According to Elaine M. Avallon at the Watertown Daily News the village board of trustees had previously sent Delmar House a letter asking him to resign. He refused. After more than 30 supporters showed up at the board of trustees meeting yesterday (Monday) the board decided to take no further action.

One question I have after reading Avallon’s article is if convicted murderers are allowed to be firefighters in New York?

Elaine M. Avallon, Watertown Daily News:

“I refused to resign as it has nothing to do with the fire service — I am not an arsonist,” he wrote. “This all came after being cleared by the Fire Department Board of Directors.”

“He’s been amazing,” said Annmarie Covillon, prior to the meeting. “He’s behind the community Christmas dinner, the Explorers, he does fire safety — he is the heart and soul of the department.”

Mrs. Covillon said under state law only those convicted of arson or who are registered sex offenders are excluded from serving as firefighters.

“Many members of the fire department are there because of Mr. House,” she said. “Kids are off the streets and on the force because of Mr. House. It’s just wrong and will do damage to the community.”

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