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Caught on camera: NC fair worker falls from Ferris wheel trying to make rescue

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The most infuriating part of the story last (Friday) night of a Ferris wheel operator trying to get his ride un-stuck and help two children inside a tilted carriage is the statement from the Central Carolina Fair in Greensboro, North Carolina claiming the operator “followed safety procedures to safely unload all passengers.”

If these are the real safety procedures these folks shouldn’t be in the fair business. Ridiculous.

Luck is the only thing that kept the ride operator and the two children from being seriously injured or killed. Clearly, new leadership is needed at the Central Carolina Fair.

Here’s are some hints for you on how to improve your safety procedure.

Safety procedure step number 1: Call 911.

Safety procedure step number 2: Wait for the fire department to respond unless you are trained and have the proper equipment to handle a rescue like this.

Morgan Winsor, ABC News:

A tense moment was caught on camera at a North Carolina fair Friday night as a Ferris wheel malfunctioned, leaving two children clinging to each other inside a tilted carriage as a carnival worker fell from the ride while trying to help.

The accident occurred at the Central Carolina Fair in Greensboro at 9:45 p.m. after the Ferris wheel operator had to temporarily shut down the ride when one of the carriages “began to tilt out of its normal position.” The operator “followed safety procedures to safely unload all passengers,” the Central Carolina Fair said in a statement released on Saturday.

An employee with Michael’s Amusements sustained minor injuries while attempting to adjust the gondola car back into place. He was treated on scene before being transported to a local hospital and has since been released, according to fair officials.

The Greensboro Police Department said the worker sustained non-life threatening injuries when he fell from the malfunctioning ride.

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