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Early video & radio traffic: Stockton, CA ladder truck crew spots house fire

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The latest video & radio traffic posted by StocktonFireHistory. Here’s the description with the video:

On February 26th, 2017, Stockton Fire’s Truck 3 was returning to quarters when they diverted to investigate a column of smoke in the area of Grant & Charter. Truck 3 requested a ‘box alarm’ (structure fire response) a few blocks from the fire. Truck 3 updated the location to Aurora & First. They arrived on scene to a working structure fire, and immediately went to work- splitting their crew (2 to search, 2 to the roof for vertical ventilation). Truck 3 was informed that there was a woman inside, forcing entry and searching the house before any other units arrive.

Stockton Firefighters worked quickly to save most of the structure and possessions; fully extinguishing the fire in approximately 10 minutes. No victims were found in the structure. The video and the fire audio are not synched perfectly, but are used together to better illustrate the operations on scene.

These videos are intended to provide information to the public so that they may better understand what firefighters do. This is not intended to serve as an ‘opinion battle ground’ for strategy and tactics. Comments that troll, sharp-shoot, or otherwise are meant to incite controversy will be deleted. We are proud to serve the citizens and City of Stockton, California.

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