Must see video: Paramedic disarms deputy sheriff having a panic attack after shots fired

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This is one of the stranger videos we’ve shared. It body-cam video from the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee taken last December.

In the video, Deputy Justin Johnson is seen trying to arrest a woman. The deputy ends up firing shots at the boyfriend of the woman being arrested. According to news coverage, the boyfriend did not have a weapon but was, from a distance, taking cell phone video of his girlfriend’s arrest and yelled at Deputy Johnson that he was taking video.

Here are some of the key moments in this video:

1:14 Deputy Johnson gets the woman on the ground and attempts to put handcuffs on her with the help of a member of an EMS crew on the scene.

1:29 You hear someone off camera yelling.

1:33 Deputy Johnson fires four shots over the head of the woman and the EMS crew toward a nearby mobile home.

1:38 As Deputy Johnson backs up toward a road, he fires three more shots in the direction of the mobile home.

1:47 Deputy Johnson continues running toward the road and gets on his radio saying “Give me help, shots fired. Give me help.” The EMS crew remains at the same spot with the woman on the ground between the road and the mobile home.

2:00 Deputy Johnson says on the radio, “I got a guy with a gun. Give me some help. Shots fired.” The EMS crew is still with the woman and Deputy Johnson still had his gun pointed toward the mobile home.

2:16 Deputy Johnson yells for the first of multiple times to a man at the mobile home to show his hands. The deputy later screams to him about getting on the ground.

2:58 A member of the EMS crew also tries to direct the man at the mobile home as Deputy Johnson yells instructions and returns to the EMS crew.

3:42 An EMS crew member who was restraining woman gets handcuffs on her.

5:23 Deputy Johnson, standing over the woman and EMS crew with gun still drawn, begins to show signs of a panic attack – hyperventilating, moaning and screaming.

5:31 An EMS crew member, identified in news coverage as Paramedic Michael O’Connor, starts telling Deputy Johnson to “Get it together” as Johnson backs up again toward the road.

5:40 O’Connor tells Deputy Johnson to give O’Connor his gun.

5:42 O’Connor’s hand is seen on the gun trying to get control from Deputy Johnson.

5:48 O’Connor is able to get Deputy Johnson to let go of the gun as Johnson’s panic attack continues.

5:51 O’Connor points gun at man at mobile home and starts yelling at man not to move and yells at him to “Shut the fuck up.”

6:44 O’Connor, with one hand pointing the weapon at the mobile home and the other on Deputy Johnson, tries to calm the deputy.

6:57 Deputy Johnson reaches for the gun and says, “I got it. I’m okay.” O’Connor lets him have his gun back.

7:01 Deputy Johnson again points his weapon at the man near the mobile home and yells, “Keep your hands up.”

7:15 Deputy Johnson, still showing signs of his panic attack (heavy breathing and moaning), keeps gun pointed at man. Help soon arrives.

There are many questions you will have about this video. Some are answered in this extensive news article by Jamie Suttefield at the USA Today Network. One that isn’t answered is why the EMS crew member gave the deputy back his weapon.






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