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Complaint of cereal racism brings racist cereal rant from Pennsylvania firefighter

This could have been a case of SMACSS *, crackle and pop. But it’s not Kellogg’s Rice Krispies that’s involved. Instead it’s their Corn Pops. According to Andrea Rich with Lebanon Daily News a Pennsylvania firefighter is so upset with the cereal company’s decision to change the art work on the Corn Pops box that he wrote a racist rant that was posted on Facebook.

(* SMACSS = Social Media Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome)

Kellogg’s made the change because of complaints that it was was “teaching kids racism” by making the dark skin character in a game on the box a janitor. The complaints apparently began with a tweet by Marvel Comics writer Saladin Ahmed (see above).

Lebanon Daily News reports this is what Firefighter Justin Snyder of Speedwell Engine and Hose Company in west Lebanon posted on Facebook:

Looks like Kellogg’s cucked out by apologizing to some mudblood over a f***ing picture on the back of a Goddamn cereal box. Someone complained about the janitor in the picture being a darker shade of Corn Pop than the others.


And Kellogg’s fell all over themselves to apologize instead of telling that camel jockey to pound sand, because the most egregious of offenses today is even to be – *perceived* -as possibly being even remotely RACIST.

They have done better to submit the following short and concise PR statement:

We sincerely regret insinuating that a brown could hold down a productive, honorable job and apologize for insulting any janitors.

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In addition to being a firefighter, Justin Snyder also has a Facebook page called Lebanon County Weather.

This is the response that was posted on Speedwell Engine and Hose Company Facebook page. At last look that Facebook page is unavailable:

*Important Please Read*

We here at the Speedwell Engine & Hose Company would like to address the situation brought to our attention last night. It was brought to our attention that one of our members made a post on their private page that reflected badly on our organization.

We would like to firmly assure you that our members personal thoughts and beliefs do NOT reflect those of our company. We are committed to serving our community day in and day out. We apologize for any negativity that this may have ensued. We want to thank you, our devoted friends, family and followers for your continued outpouring of support.

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