Nashville FD recruit’s controversial fall during rope drill caught on video

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Jeremy Finley, WSMV-TV:

The internal review reads on July 17, Lockhart fell during the Nance drill, which teaches how to use to ropes to lower a firefighter down a hole to rescue a fallen comrade.

Lockhart told an investigator for the fire department that she first inquired then if (District Chief Trey) Nelms wanted an additional rope for a safety line.

“I was like, hey chief, can we use this rope? To do safety? And he said, ‘F*** no,’’’ Lockhart said in her interview.

When it was time for Lockhart to be lowered, she told the investigators she made the same request.

“I want a safety line. And he goes, and he just kind of laughed, and he was like, ‘No,’” Lockhart said.

The video showed Lockhart lowered through a hole from the upper floor, and then when she passes through to the first floor, she falls several feet.

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