UPDATED – Six Miami firefighters fired over noose left on lieutenant’s family photos

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Updating its article the Miami Herald now reports that William Bryson, Jr., the son of former Fire Chief William “Shorty” Bryson was among the six firefighters fired. Others fire, according to the Herald are, Kevin Meizoso, David Rivera, Justin Rumbaugh, Harold Santana and Alejandro Sese.

David Smiley & Charles Rabin, Miami Herald:

Sese came up with the idea of defacing the photos and retrieved them, according to the termination letters. Meizoso, Rumbaugh and Santana drew lewd, phallic images on the photos, and Rivera returned them to their picture frames. Bryson is accused of failing to stop the vandalism and of ignoring requests from subordinates to come forward and report the incident.

In their article, reporters Smiley and Rabin refer to the old department tradition of “scrotumizing” and the 1980s firing of firefighters who were later reinstated.


A noose found in September over the family photographs of a black City of Miami Fire Rescue lieutenant and lewd images drawn on the pictures have resulted in six firefighters losing their jobs. The Miami Herald broke the news of the firings today, ahead of a press conference expected later in the week.

David Smiley & Charles Rabin, Miami Herald:

In a statement, Miami City Manager Daniel Alfonso acknowledged “sexually explicit and racially offensive conduct.” He said 11 firefighters were relieved of duty with pay.

Sources familiar with the case told the Miami Herald that someone created a noose out of twine and hung it over a family photo of a black lieutenant.

Then, several of his colleagues drew lewd pictures on several other photos, including one of his wife and one of his mother and his children.

“In addition, an investigation continues into lesser involvement by others who were at the station. Findings could result in disciplinary actions ranging from suspensions to demotions,” Alfonso said in his statement. “City of Miami Fire Rescue is an ethnically and racially diverse department and one of the best in the country. The priority as first-responders is to work as a team to be of service to our community. We cannot and will not tolerate behavior that is disrespectful, hurtful and compromises the integrity of the department and the City of Miami. “

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