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FDNY makes it clear where they stand on rookie firefighter whose father is a terrorist

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"This is what I have always wanted to do. This is who I have always wanted to be. I have always admired Firefighters. I was 8 years old when I came home from school and my apartment windows were broken and the siding above burned. My mother was standing outside with my brother and sister when I asked where Tootsie, our family cat, was. One of the Firefighters standing in the street overheard, walked over and asked who was missing. My mother replied, 'Our cat' and he went up found her hiding under a bed and brought her down. I remember being impressed and in awe of what just happened. She lived nine more years after that fire in October of 1995," says FDNY Probationary Firefighter Omar Sattar, a recent graduate from the FDNY Fire Academy, who previously served New York City for three years as a member of @nycsanitation, before following his dream of becoming a Firefighter. "I respect FDNY members, and I am humbled to have this opportunity to be a part of this incredible Department. The FDNY is a family that always supports each other, and now I am living it. It means the world to me to be here. When I look back on my career as a Firefighter, I want to know that I did the best I could with the opportunity I was given."

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Previously: Convicted terrorist’s son is rookie FDNY firefighter

Shortly after the New York Post article about probationary firefighter Omar Sattar was published, FDNY transmitted messages of support for the young firefighter via social media. On the official FDNY Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts there is a picture posted of Firefighter Sattar with his quotes on why he wanted to be a firefighter. Like so many others who have done the job, it starts with childhood memories.

The New York Post reported this weekend that Sattar’s father is a convicted terrorist.

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