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Video: Demotions & suspensions over off-duty behavior of Denver firefighters

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Suspensions and demotions for five Denver firefighters over their off-duty behavior at a July 23 alcohol-fueled breakfast gathering to celebrate a retirement. The owner of Denver’s Curio Bar complained the firefighters brought their own alcohol into the business and were “very loud and vulgar.” The celebration and related incidents were captured on the bar’s security camera. The video has been released.

According to KDVR-TV, the firefighters were at the bar with wives and girlfriends. When the owner asked them to leave the firefighters “hollered insults” and claimed calling the police “wouldn’t do anything.”

No charges were filed by Denver police. The fire department investigated the incident, finding the behavior of the firefighters “egregious.”

Chris Halsne & Carisa Scott, KDVR-TV:

Witnesses say the group took over a table inside the warehouse-like space at about 8:30 in the morning after previously drinking on the street outside from a cooler. The firefighters reportedly brought their own liquor bottles inside Curio’s space and, documents say, some members of the group took empty coffee cups from a coffee stand and used them to start “drinking heavily.”

According to a departmental order, Lieutenant Todd Revious faces a 336-hour suspension without pay for “conduct (that) was unprofessional and egregious and set a poor example for others in the Department.” Revious was also demoted to firefighter and ordered to undergo anger management classes. An agreement was reached where the demotion would be abated if Revious did not get into trouble again.

Disciplinary agreements show Lieutenant Jeremy Young was also demoted with abatement and suspended for 240 hours. Engineers Thomas Calabrese and Raymond Mix and firefighter Karl Larsen were all suspended for 72 hours.

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