Former Wilmington, DE fire chief charged with theft & racketeering

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The former fire chief in Wilmington, Delaware, Anthony Goode, has been indicted. The charges include racketeering, theft and unlawful credit card use. According to Estaban Parra of The News Journal, the charges center around Goode’s connection to Gallant Blazers, Inc. That group represented minority firefighters in Wilmington.

Goode had been fire chief from 2012 to January of this year. He was allowed to stay on the rolls as a senior firefighter until August to qualify for his pension. At one time Goode was president of Gallant Blazers. Goode’s father, Lt. James Goode Jr., was also a Wilmington firefighter. Lt. Goode died in the line-of-duty after suffering a heart attack in 1990.

Estaban Parra, The News Journal:

The three-page indictment does not provide in-depth details of what Goode is accused of, but states that between Jan. 5, 2009, through Oct. 6, 2016, he knowingly participated in a pattern of racketeering while associated with Gallant Blazers. 

During this same time period, he is accused of obtaining property belonging to Gallant or others valued at $50,000 “intending to deprive that person, the owner of same, or to appropriate same.”

From Jan. 5, 2009, through June 18, 2014, he racked up more than $1,500 in charges on the card belonging the organization. Then from June, 19, 2014, through Oct. 6, 2016, he charged more than $1,500 to obtain “money, goods, services, or anything of value,” according to court documents.

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