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UPDATE: Trump fire chief MAGA spoof on Jimmy Kimmel uses two real fire departments

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A reader was curious about the comedy bit, above, on Jimmy Kimmel Live last (Wednesday) night. It’s a mock safety message from Chief Bob Cooper warning people about the dangers of burning your President Donald Trump MAGA hats. My clairvoyant powers tell me some of you will find this bit funny and some will not.

It says on-screen that Cooper is the Chino Valley fire chief and the video uses the real patch of California’s Chino Valley Fire District. The “chief” appears to be an actor. Also note, the patch on his uniform is different than the one used in the graphics. The Chino Valley Fire District said via twitter that until I contacted them they had not heard about the video.

Here is the official statement from Massiel Ladron De Guevara of the Chino Valley Fire District:

The Chino Valley Fire District was made aware of a satirical video that aired last night on the Jimmy Kimmel show. The Fire District’s name and logo were used without our knowledge or consent.

The video does not represent the Mission, Vision, Values, and high professional standards of the Chino Valley Fire District. The personnel and equipment in the video are not from our Fire District as portrayed.

The Fire District is apolitical and was not involved in the filming of the video.

The engine pulling out of the firehouse has the markings of rigs from the Northwest Fire District in suburban Tucson, Arizona. It looks to me that “Chief Cooper” is electronically keyed over this video and not actually in the firehouse.

Trina Motto, manager of community affairs for Northwest Fire District, confirms how this occurred.

It has come to our attention that one of our Engines was displayed in a skit on The Jimmy Kimmel show last night. The video appears to be footage found on the internet and was NOT provided by the District. This footage was used without our knowledge or permission.

Of course Jimmy Kimmel is responsible for another firefighter video that went viral and still pops up years later (see below).

In our digital world you never know where and how your department will suddenly pop-up and suddenly be on display for the masses.

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