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Investigation underway into why Wichita fire engine is used in rap video

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According to The Wichita Eagle’s Kaitlyn Alanis, an investigation is underway looking into the use of a Wichita Fire Department engine as a prop for a music video. This is different than the recent incident where video and images from two fire departments were used in a Jimmy Kimmel Live political comedy sketch without the department’s knowing about it ahead of time. In this case rapper Blue Scrilla featuring Pj had access to the rig from Station 15 for the video production.

So far, the department hasn’t explained how this occurred.

Kaitlyn Alanis, The Wichita Eagle:

(Wichita Fire Marshal Stuart) Bevis did comment on what his and the department’s expectations are for the use of their logo, equipment and apparatus.

“We have to be careful because they are community assets and we want to make sure it fits with the mission of the city and department,” he said. “We walk a fine line in between what’s considerate to the public and staying true to the goals and expectations of our city and community.”

In the video, you can see a rapper sitting in the fire truck with the door open. The rappers also throw dollar bills out while sitting in the truck.

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Brenda Carrasco, KWCH-TV:

But rapper P.J says they don’t understand the backlash.

“Even if they don’t like it which I don’t know why, it’s not like I was vandalizing the fire truck, it’s not like I was trying to take something from the fire truck or anything, everything stayed there so it’s really no big deal we just used it as a prop to get more views which it worked,” P.J said.

Bevis says the department has to approve and vet anytime someone wants to use their image or property. He says they’ll take steps to ensure something like this never happens again.

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